Friday, April 5, 2013

Our new home

Guess who is the worst blogger in the world, this girl!  
 I swear I had good intentions last year to blog on the regular, but then life happened, and Mark got transferred with work.  Now we are leaving our warm Southern California home for a whole new state, Utah, where it snows!!!  I think 60 degrees is freezing, so I know that is going to be a HUGE adjustment!!!   
That being said, we found the perfect home!  As soon as we walked in the door, I knew it was the one!!  Its a Gold Medallion home built in 1962, and is like a time capsule.  We are only the 2nd owner and the house is full of the most amazing 60s character, and even has a bomb shelter, OMG! 
The house is on a hill with the mountains right behind us, giving us the best views all around! 

The kitchen may be my favorite part of the entire house!  It has tons of storage, and all sorts of "modern" touches, like a built in blender.  Plus, there is this great built in hutch.  I can not wait to fill it with all of my vintage Pyrex and treasures.  And it has not one, but 2 pink ovens!!!

The house has 3 amazing fire places!  The formal living room has a marble fireplace.  The family room has an amazing midcentury granite masterpiece, that is probably one of my favorites about the house as well!  And the basement has a pretty rad brick fireplace.
The house has 3 bathrooms (2 pink, one mint green), but my most favorite is the boys' bathroom.  It  has soo many fun details and tons of storage.  The vanity has mirrors that can be adjusted to get a 360 view of yourself.  It has a built in scale, and toothbrush holder...and it has the most fabulous tile :)



I could really go on and on about our new house, and share seven million more photos, but I don't want to bore you to death with bad, hastily taken pictures, haha!  I'm sure I will be posting a whole lot more once we are all moved in and the decorating begins!  That being said, I'm not sure that this blog will stay a sewing blog...maybe that's why I haven't really been blogging, I haven't been sewing much this year!  We'll be soo far away from family and friends, that it may turn into a more everyday life kinda blog, with as much sewing as I can fit in...that's if I blog more than once this year.  LOL! 
So, for now...
Happy nesting?